Who is Living Ichigo

Living Ichigo began cosplaying in 2009 and has won multiple awards, been featured in various publications and has been a guest at both local and international events. When he isn’t cosplaying, you can find him at the gym following a very strict workout regimen.

Living Ichigo was motivated to get in shape in an attempt to look more like the characters he wanted to cosplay – strong, ripped guys like Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Living Ichigo’s ensuing transformation now inspires thousands of fans to work towards improving their own health and wellness while having fun cosplaying.

In addition to cosplay, Living Ichigo loves anime, comics and video games. Though he has some what retired from cosplaying he’s now a full time YouTube content creator and Twitch live streamer.

Social Media

Gotenks & Tarble Farming Twitch Livestream! Come Join!: https://t.co/bPxJTHyXll via @YouTube

Gotenks & Tarble Farming Twitch Livestream! Come Join!


Justice League movie was freaking amazing. The Flash was my fav in the movie.

Off to go watch Justice League. Today's stream will be delayed.

500 free stones for my JP account. Lmao! How many stones did you guys get refunded?

Movie Summons! Memories of Nobody: ★5 Senna, Ichigo, & Ganryu! Bleach Brave Souls: https://t.co/wGn7TDLofQ via @YouTube

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